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Crown Princess Mary of Denmark
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Just a normal girl

Before Mary married her prince she was just a normal girl. She was born on February 5th 1972 in Tasmania, Australia to John and Etta (Henrietta) Donaldson. She is the youngest of four siblings; Jane Alison Stephens, Patricia Anne Bailey and John Stuart Donaldson. Her mother passed away on November 20th 1997. Three years later her father married a British author, a woman named Susan Elizabeth Donaldson.
Mary Elizabeth Donaldson has a Bachelor´s degree in Commerce and Law from the University of Tasmania (1994) and between 1994 and 1996 Mary qualified for a Certificate in Advertising from The Advertising Federation of Australia (AFA), and later a Certificate in Direct Marketing from the Australian Direct Marketing Association. (from
She met Frederik in Sidney in 2000 during the Olympics. The met at ´The Slip Inn´ where they were introduced. (Mary´s friend knew Frederik´s friend.) There was an instant connection and Frederik came soon back to Sidney to visit Mary. It wasn´t until fall 2001 that the press in Denmark found out about his Australian girlfriend. In the beginning of 2002 she moved to Paris for a short period and later that year she moved to Denmark.

Mary before Frederik...
Mary, age 5.
Mary in Highschool.
Mary´s Victorian driver´s license.
Playing hocky (in the middle).
The press was never far away after the found out about the Crown Prince´s new love...
Mary at the movies with friends in 2001.
At her University reunion in 2001.
In Sidney in 2001.
Leaving work in 2001.
Arriving at a party in Sidney in 2001.
Leaving work in Copenhagen on her boyfriends car in 2002.
In Copenhagen in 2002.
Mary and Frederik in Sidney.
With Frederik in his car.
With a friend.
In 2002 Frederik and Mary went to Frederik´s friends wedding.
Arriving at another wedding.
Mary and Frederik leaving the airport.
Mary in Sidney in 2003.
This was Frederik and Mary´s first kiss in front of the press. It´s the first time that Frederik ever kissed a girlfriend in public. This was in Hobart, Tasmania. January 2003.
Mary in Sidney in 2003.

Mary leaving Hobart after a visit with Frederik.